Guide to BPP for Policymakers (Learning output B)

This guide is intended to help policy makers design policy practices for knowledge exchange between universities, enterprises and cities in their regions. The information in this guide is derived from research into best policy practices in the regions of Helsinki (Finland), Greater Manchester (United Kingdom), Łódź (Poland) and Thessaloniki (Greece). The research was conducted between Spring 2009 and Autumn 2011.

In this guide four best policy (major institutional action) practices are presented, one from each region (chapters two through five), including a summary, budget implications and the time scale of the policy.

Recommendations for developing successful policy practices are derived from the cases. These policy cases were chosen because they are very successful in enhancing knowledge exchange between universities, enterprises and cities in their region. The INNOPOLIS partners started their research practically by identifying major institutional actions (policies) supporting innovation in their home regions. While identifying the policies the INNOPOLIS partners pinpointed the rationale, objectives, implementation instruments, target indicators, expected outcome and impact of each policy. Examples of policies were; regional innovation poles, the creation of science and technology parks, development of innovation clusters, innovation funding schemes, incubator development, financial incentives for innovation, and many others.

The selected policy practices in the guide represent good practice; policies that have already been evaluated and considered successful in terms of their objectives and impact. It is important to remember that these policies are single policies from each region and generalizations about other policies in these regions cannot be drawn from them.

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